element water

Our first released line, it is of medium strength. Many consumers started their acquaintance with ELEMENT tobacco in 2018 with it.
Medium strenght
— top flavours
20 flavours
Tobacco leaf

In the production of the «Water» line, a Burley blend from Europe is used, the optimal strength is achieved by the perfectly selected varieties of tobacco and its processing during production.
Dip into the ocean of pleasure
If you use the phunnel «Harmony» tobacco must be put tightly, lightly packed and leave a light touch.

Heat for 3-5 minutes with four 25 mm coals.
If you use a classic bowl, you need to put the tobacco airy so that there is a slight touch with a heat control device (kalaud or foil).

Heat for 3-5 minutes with four 25 mm coals.
How to make
classic bowl
phunnel «Harmony»
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